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Considering Surgery?
Please consider this program first!

It may be an uphill battle as surgery makes money for doctors, hospitals, labs, drug companies, etc. But it is a battle that needs to be fought. 

There is an easier, safer, better way to get your health back and we are happy to help!

Kristy Medina and
Dr. Andersen being featured on ABC4  morning show

Dr. Anderson said,
"Like many people, you've probably tried to lose weight and failed. You are not alone... I'm going to give you the knowledge, skills, and support to put you back in the driver's seat. You and I are going to build a different kind of relationship than you may have experienced in your past medical treatments. I'm not going to use prescriptions, warnings, or fear tactics. Instead, I'll be your  teacher and your coach will be your guide. Together, we'll put you on the path to taking permanent charge of your health."

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Dr Recommended

Whether you want to loss water weight fast or learn how to lose calories or learn how to lose 10 pounds or 100 lbs in 6 months this program is for you.  before you do anything else please give us a call.  We are here to help you succeed in your weight management control, and remember all of our program health coaches are FREE.
So call day- 801-548-7555 or fill out our Contact  Form

"For the first time, I have a solution that gives people the likelihood of success, and a program that is easy to do." 
Gary Manko, MD - Medical Provider.

This was sent to me from a friend of mine who is a surgeon.
He is working on his own battle with obesity and has lost over
90 lbs with this program in 6 months NO SURGERY!

Consider the words of a surgeon himself
who took this option instead.

"As a surgeon it pains me to say this, but weight loss surgery is a bad, BAD idea. I have had patients that wish they had never heard of it. I talked to a lady the other day that is thinking of starting your plan that had surgery and regained all her weight. Besides all the complications, & there are a lot, there is no support, no behavior modification to make long term changes to improve their health. This plan has better results, is safer, and produces better long term benefits. With this plan so readily available, so easy and effective, I don't see why anyone would ever want to have weight loss surgery. It is a BAD, BAD idea."

"Weight loss surgery is becoming the treatment of choice. Originally you had to have been on a supervised diet and failed it before you were even considered for the surgery. Not any more. As most diets don't work, there was no good alternative. There is now! We just need to get the word out."

Are you a Health Care Professional?  Become a medical provider.
Find out about Physician-prescribed weight loss and weight management.
Looking for a safe and healthy weight-loss plan to offer your patients?   We are a full service weight-loss program that you can offer through your office.
Join the medi cal fast now group of doctors becoming part of the solution.

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